Friday , 20 Jan 2017
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Kitna Sach Kitna Jhut

I just thought of putting some real incidents of my life which will help you figure out what a real story is all about Since this is a desi segment I will try to use some hindi words as much as possible..

I am sure everyone of you will love my real long story. So women and gals in and around delhi whoever likes my story

want to email me or meet me can send email to dear sexy ... Read More »

My Wife Needs Big Cock

Hello readers! I am Raghava from Hyderabad.i am aged about 25 years and got married forcefully by my elders. I am not interested to get marriage since I got my own doubt I may not be suitable marriage life. I got job as asst engineer in private company with good salary. My relatives brought match to me and my parents accept it without my knowledge. Finally, with great difficulty I was made to ... Read More »

My BF Drives Ne Wild.

Hey people..hi…I am Tammana. I am 18 and I stay in Bangalore. I have a boyfriend. His name is Armaan. He is 23 and we have been in a relationship for a few months now. Well to tell u people more about us I look cute, well that’s what all tell me so I like to believe that. But frankly speaking from what I hear from a lot of people I am what every guy likes in a girl. Big boobs, big round ... Read More »

Sex with Sexy Neighbour

Hi, I am Manish from Chennai. I am got transferred from Bangalore. This is my story, which happened when I just entered in the Mysore and took the new house. Her name is Shalini. She is married and having two children’s. Her house is next to my house. At the first sight itself, I got temptation by her. She had really a superb figure 36 30 34. She wore a low hip saree, which shows full shape of ... Read More »

HotSex in Net Center

Hi this is ram from Chennai I am an regular reader of iss .first I will say about myself I am now 24 years old good looking guy’s don’t want to waste your time let me get in to the story. This incident happened two years before when I was studying my final year I use to go to net center regularly near to my home the owner of the net center is a woman who is heroin of this story. Let me t ... Read More »

Maa Ki Sewa

My mom, Jeana, is the most beautiful person in the world to me. I’m telling you this because it is important for you to realize that no matter what she went through, and all the hell she was made to suffer, she’s still a very strong person and beautiful.


As the story goes, I am told by her, and she has no reason to lie to me, that I was conceived with a man ... Read More »

Maa Ki Sewa2

Priy Bhaiyo aur bahano, bahut dino se aap sabhi ke saath apna anubhav share karna chahata tha lekin aaj samay mil paya.Tab me lagbhag atharah saal ka raha hounga, ghar me mere alava mammi aur papa the. Papa office ke kam ke karan aam tor par tour par hi rahte, me apni study me busy rahta aur mammi ghar ke kamo ke baad tv par romantik aur sexy film dekhana pasand karti. Ghar me mammi gown ya sa ... Read More »

Advaith’s Affair with His Dear Chat Friend Sneha

Hi all, I am a Keralite currently in UAE, who have just stepped into my thirties. I am gonna narrate an incident, which has happened with a friend of mine, whom I befriended in a chat room.

I live with my family in UAE and the incident which I am gonna narrate, has happened some 3 years back, when I was in my late twenties. To describe myself – am above average complexion, athleti ... Read More »

Chance Encounter – Sarita & Nimmo revisited

Chance Encounter – Sarita & Nimmo revisited

This is the 2nd episode of Chance encounter. Thank you readers of ISS. The original story had over 1,00,000 hits. That was way beyond what ever I expected it to be. And it prompted me to put this second episode on paper.

After few months, I went back to this small town where Sarita & Nimmo lived. I went directly to their h ... Read More »

Hero – By Shahid

By Shahid

I married my child hood sweetheart. Bindi is a drop dead stunner. 5ft 10, with long black hair and gorgeous face. Her tits are 32 DD and her figure slim and tight. Her coffee cream skin is flawless, her 28in waist is complemented nicely by her 33 waist and butts that are made for squashing. She loves to show her figure to the full and nearly always wears tight jeans and stretc ... Read More »